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What is Aviation Insurance

Aviation insurance provides the necessary property and liability coverage for unforeseen damages and risks in aviation. Also known as aircraft insurance, it covers repair costs for damage done to an aircraft, as well as defense, judgment, settlement costs in liability for passenger injuries, environmental and other forms of third-party damage in a case of an aircraft accident. Although planes are considered the safest form of transportation and the accidents in which the health of a passenger is in danger are far less common, injuries suffered during a plane accident often end up being fatal. This makes aviation insurance crucial, and in most cases even mandated by law. Any damages and legal defense costs experienced without Aviation Insurance are extremely expensive, so it is vital to protect yourself or your business with proper coverage.

Who needs Aviation Insurance?

Airline companies and aircraft owners must have the necessary property and liability coverage. Renters of an aircraft require aircraft rental insurance to get the necessary coverage for themselves and any liability they will have in an accident or any other activity deemed harmful to the third-party. Aviation insurance covers the aircraft and its passengers, but it does not include the pilot. Pilots must take care of their coverage of medical payments, physical damage, and liability separately.

What can Aviation Insurance Cover

Aviation insurance can be separated into a few types of coverage:

 In-flight insurance takes care of any property damage or liability in mid-flight of your aircraft. This aviation insurance policy can be expensive, but because most accidents happen when the aircraft is in motion, it is necessary to have the right coverage.

Ground risk hull insurance takes care of the necessary protection while an aircraft is on the ground. If a plane suffers any damage while being stationed or during a takeoff, ground risk hull insurance will provide the necessary coverage.

Public aircraft liability coverage takes care of any damage done to third-party property and its entities. This type of insurance can often be mandated by law, but it does not cover the potential damage done to the passengers of an aircraft.

Passenger Liability insurance is often mandatory because it provides insurance for the passenger while the holder of the policy is the pilot. It covers any medical costs for sustained injuries and final expenses if injuries of passengers are fatal.

Aviation insurance can cover:

  • Air carriers (airlines)
  • Fuel suppliers
  • Airports
  • Ground handling companies
  • Air navigations
  • Pilot training centers
  • Component manufacturers
  • Maintenance companies
  • Ultralight aircraft
  • Sport’s aviation

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