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Exclusive business deserves an exclusive insurance partner. With unparallelled experience and specialization in Lloyd’s insurance products, Rinkos Insurance Solutions will offer specialized insurance solutions best suited for your business. Drawing on solid relationships with London and global markets we will do our utmost to find the right solution for you.


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Nine Unique Insurances for Clients

Through the unique needs of our customers we have developed many insurance products targeted to suit specific and niche situations of our clients.

We are always on top of ever changing business conditions and regulations. Our major strength - Our Globar reach and wide capabilities to provide clients with non-standart insurance and reinsurance proposals for various industry sectors.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects businesses against unexpected claims that happen during usual business operations.

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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is the type of coverage designed to protect your business against negligence claims when your services have caused financial harm to your client.

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Management Liability Insurance Icon

Management Liability Insurance

Management liability insurance gives the necessary protection against the potential dangers of running a business.

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Cyber Insurance Icon

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance helps businesses reduce the potential damage and exposure in the case of a cybersecurity breach.

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Intellectual Property Insurance

Intellectual property insurance provides sufficient protection for your company in a legal battle over infringement or theft of intellectual property.

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Product Liability

Product liability insurance provides the necessary protection for companies involved in designing, distributing, manufacturing, and selling their products.

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Our Benefits

Through the unique needs of our customers we have developed many insurance products targeted to suit specific and niche situations of our clients.

Market leaders

We are the first company in Lithuania to receive licensing for provision of insurance and reinsurance services to the European Union.

Proud Partners

Our status of UIB Network Partner provides us access to the entire Lloyd’s Insurance Market.

Experience and Reputation

We are operating in the market for 20 years and during this time we have provided quality insurance solutions to our clients all over the world.

Your Privacy - Our Priority|

We understand and appreciate that many cases may require sharing of confidential information and hence we produce best results by honest communication.


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Important Information for Lloyd’s Policyholders

Lloyd’s is proposing to transfer certain EEA insurance policies to Lloyd’s Brussels.

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For general inquires or to reach colleague, please give us a call or contact us via-email. If you’re existing client, we encourage you to get in touch directly with your allocated Client Executive

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