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What is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance protects businesses against unexpected claims that happen during usual business operations. If the company is legally responsible for the injuries or property damage, general liability insurance helps to cover attorney fees and medical expenses. A client could get hurt on your premises, an accident in your own company could damage a neighboring business – there are a myriad of ways how a possible claim can present itself without a prior notice. If the company is legally responsible for the injuries or property damage, general liability insurance helps to cover attorney fees and medical expenses. As well as damage done.

Who needs general liability insurance?

General liability insurance has greater importance for businesses where injuries and potential lawsuits are more common, such as convenience stores, restaurants or entertainment venues – places where human traffic is high and the risk of someone getting hurt or making damage is hard to avoid.

Although it is clear why these kinds of businesses depend so much on liability coverage, every business could benefit from general liability insurance. A belief that liability coverage is not necessary for your company, could lead to one unexpected lawsuit, which, without coverage, could make you go under.

What does the general liability insurance cover?

General liability insurance comes into play when your company is deemed responsible for personal and/or bodily injuries as well as damages to third party property.Liability coverage protects companies from lawsuits, covers medical payments and other third-party claims for which your business is responsible. General liability insurance also helps you take care of administrative costs, court costs, judgments and settlements. All these procedures can be expensive, and most of the time, a smaller business can’t survive these costs. General liability insurance covers a wide variety of claims to provide a safety net for a growing business.

Does your company need more liability insurance?

General liability insurance protects your company from common lawsuits, but it does not cover these claims:

  • Personal injuries of your employees
  • Damage to your company property
  • Intentional damage
  • Professional mistakes
  • Management liability

Any successful company will not be able to avoid these claims. Depending on the business, more liability insurance will be needed to minimize potential damage to the company.

Professional errors of businesses are unavoidable, but they often end up as a financial loss for a client. Professional liability insurance provides coverage to defend the claim and compensate your client for unforeseen mistakes.

No businesses today can survive and thrive without electronic devices. A company often has a lot of sensitive data that should not be lost or visible to a third-party. An unexpected loss of important information due to a malfunction or a security breach can cause irreparable damage to a company. In this case, cyber liability insurance will help you cover any financial losses caused by unexpected cyber events.

Cyber liability insurance has a far greater significance for companies that store sensitive information of their clients. If a third-party has suffered due to a data leak at your company, it is crucial to have the right coverage to defend these claims.

Management Liability insurance protects your company against the cases of mismanagement. Because it is often confused with professional liability insurance, some businesses overlook it, but without proper coverage, you can end up losing your business. Management liability insurance serves as protection for the management of the company, enabling them to pursue their duties and make important decisions with more confidence.

General liability insurance can be considered the utmost minimal liability coverage for any business. Every business striving for success and efficiency should consider additional liability insurance lines depending on their field of activity.

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